Every girl deserves a guy who hugs them the way Luke hugs his fans.

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Who’s the biggest diva? +

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As expected, bro-dudes are being music elitist dickheads about this BUT a lot of people are being really cool B)

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Can you explain what's going on with Harry? I missed all of it and I'm so confused and omg PLEASEEEE explain too meee


Harry’s been on a roll:

  • tthrowing shade in perfume interviews so hard he was literally taken out in the next one (turned out he wasn’t “feeling well”) (x)
  • tweeting lyrics to a song called Secrets that basically says he’s passive aggressive and “so gay” and he doesn’t care if people know about his secrets (x / x)
  • tweeting “shady warehouse” which is a very, um, not straight video (x)
  • wearing a blue bandana when a fan thing said to wear bandanas in different colors depending what boy was their fav. Obviously blue was Louis’ color. (x)
  • some more tweeting “It all comes out in the wash” (x)
  • -not giving any fucks about what people think about him, quote “LONG HAIR DONT CARE” (x)
  • giving thumbs up to people with rainbow/larry signs (x) (there’s more than this)
  • wearing a Minnie Mouse bow during a show (x / x)
  • taking the mic d (x)
  • standing up for himself (x) but being nice about it (x)
  • generally being unchill

basically harry’s cruising and it’s great. im sure there’s more, add stuff people


dear lord jesus let 2014 be the year i bump into my fav band member in a small coffee shop and hit it off completely and live happily ever after

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just set my heart on fire like gasoline

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Blue during “Flawless”

that’s it. i’m done. i’m such of fan of this child.


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